Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's day thoughts

My thoughts as I was reflecting on father's day and life in the present: 

Whether it is the TV, newspaper, or online, everywhere we look or listen we hear of one natural disaster after the next. When I say "natural disaster" I mean both weather and man-made. Not only have there been hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding that have taken lives, but there have been men and women who have committed horrendous acts, ones that have taken so many lives, leaving pain and confusion. These men and women are not monsters or people who have gone crazy and killed innocent people. They are human beings who are controlled by the same human nature that lies within all of us. It is in our, meaning ALL humans, nature to desire more than we need, to envy to a fault, to judge, and to hate. 

It is our nature to sin. All of us. 

In other words, on our own, none of us are any better than those men and women who have committed such heinous acts. 

But that is where my God comes in, my heavenly father. Without Him, I am worthless, nothing but a sinful human who gets lost in this world. With Him, I am an instrument, His instrument, used to bring healing, peace, and happiness. To bring Him glory. I am a small piece in His beautiful story.

It is only with God that I am saved from an eternal Hell. He saves me from a meaningless life, one where I wander around looking for acceptance, love, and success in areas that will never keep me content long enough. 

Don't get me wrong, my faith and relationship with God does not make my life perfect by any means, but boy does it make it worth it. I can't imagine dealing with the trials, pain, and disappointment that this world offers without having the peace and joy of Christ that transcends everything else and knowing what is in store for me for eternity! 

I LOVE my dad SOOO much and I can't express how thankful I am for him and how he has always been there for me. I LOVE my husband more than words can express and I have no doubt that one day he will make a spectacular father, but both my father's love and Chris' love cannot compare to the love of God, who sees me as holy and blameless. 

Today, I am thankful for my dad and all of the amazing fathers out there, but more than anything I am thankful for God, my Father. I pray that others experience His love as I do. It changes everything.

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